What is PageRank all about?

Google PageRankYou may hear me talk a lot about PageRank and how it is important to know your site’s PageRank. If you don’t sure what it is and why it’s important, then read on! I’ll do my best to explain it and hopefully help you understand why I put such an emphasis on it when doing link building.

Google first introduced its PageRank system way back in 1998 as a way to analyze websites based on their link relationships. Essentially, Google looks at all the incoming links to your site and makes a judgement call on the importance of your site. Below is a breakdown of some way Google makes it’s decision. It’s not as simple as you might think!

The (unofficial) Rules of Google PageRank

The first rule of Google’s PageRank system is the more links, or recommendations you have coming into your site, the better. If I link to your site, I am saying it’s a good site and I’m recommending it. So you want to have a lot of websites link to your site. But it’s not just about how many links you have pointing at your site, but the quality of those links as well.

The second rule is that links with higher PageRank will improve your rankings more than low PageRank sites. The reasons for this are obvious. Higher PageRank sites are trusted more by Google and if they will link to your site than it will reflect well on your website. You could get 20 lower ranked websites to link to you, but their value may be equal to only 2 higher PageRank sites.

The third rule is that the greater the amount of links on a site that links to you, low or high PageRank, the less value the link passes on to you. Too many links on the page will dilute the PageRank benefit coming from the site. The thinking is that no matter how high your website’s PageRank, if you freely hand out links to other sites Google places less value on those outbound links. Getting a link on a high PageRank site with a low amount of outbound links is really great!

The fourth rule is that you won’t see the full PageRank benefit from a link to your site for a while. Links come and go and as they age and stick around they become more valuable in the eyes of Google. So, building good relationships with websites that you are placing links on is good so they will leave the links there long term.

These are a few of the known “rules” of PageRank. While not actual rules they are great guidelines to stick by and will help in your SEO ventures. You still need to take other steps and using your website’s PageRank is a great way to determine whether you are being successful or spinning your wheels.

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