What is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing

What is Article Marketing

There are a lot of ways to do marketing online and one way that is not as popular in our industry yet is article marketing. However, it can yield huge results in terms of traffic for your website and store if done right.

Just what is article marketing? It’s a strategy in which you build links inside articles that are relevant to your website’s content and message. You can write the articles yourself and put them on your website, which a lot of health food stores are doing now. But you can also add them to other website, article directories and blogs.

In some industries you can hire someone to write articles for you, but with your expertise and knowledge it’s often better to write them yourself as they then reflect your philosophies and match the message you are spreading on your website and in your store. If you do write the articles that you will use in your article marketing, you could always have someone rewrite the articles for you.

Rewriting articles consists of dissecting the article and rewriting it in a way that delivers the same message but with completely different wording. The content should be at least 20% different, but preferably more in the 50% range. This will ensure that Google and the other search engines won’t think you are creating duplicate content. The first 50 words are the most important.

Once you have rewritten your article a few times you can begin spreading it around the internet and building your links. Here at Web Naturally we utilize our own website and blog network for adding article, various article listing websites, and web 2.0 websites that are great for adding articles.

We then build the appropriate amount of links into the content. Meaning, your links are not added in a sidebar or after the article. We work them into the article itself. I am sure you have noticed various links in this article. If I have an article or service related to something in this article I’ll link to that page to increase the visibility of that page and to tell the search engines that it is about the keywords I am linking from.

The search engines love these types of links and they are a great way to build high quality links to your site.

Article marketing is great because you area educating potential customers while building high quality back links to your website. This will increase your PageRank and will lead to higher search engine rankings, more traffic to your site and store, and more sales!

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