Services Overview

Web Naturally is all about improving our clients SEO results. We want to bring more traffic to your site by building high quality, natural links to your site. No gimmicks, no games, no get-tons-of-hits-overnight nonsense. We focus on building your site’s credibility with the major search engines, from start to finish.

Most of our clients use a turn-key website program that is popular in the natural foods industry. We think it’s a great website filled with lots of valuable content that will impress your prospective customers and keep your existing customers coming back. However, there are some really big SEO needs that are not being met and that is why we are here.

We start with the basics and offer many ways to grow your SEO naturally. You are investing a lot of money in your website, we want to see you get the most benefit from your investment & gain new customers!

Webmaster Account Set-Up
Most stores have no idea that they need to claim their website with Google & Bing, and that they can control a lot of what the search engines know about their store, and pass on to prospective customers. Learn more about getting your website set-up correctly with the major search engines.

Store Directory Listing
We’ve built a high quality health food store directory aimed at driving traffic to your site and increasing your rankings with Google. There is no other health food store listing website like it! You can not only list your basic store information, but we add an interactive map, store hours, links to your social media sites and more! Learn more about getting a store listing on our directory site.

Article Marketing
Article marketing is a great way to built high quality links inside related content. We rewrite your articles and add them to our network of sites and other Web 2.0 sites that will pass on link juice to your website. We offer two great levels of service depending on your link building strategy. Learn more about our article marketing packages.

Website SEO Ranking and Competition Reports
Not sure where you currently rank, what keywords to target, who your competition on line is? Let us provide you with a detailed report on where your site ranks now, who your competitors are and what they are doing to rank well, and what keywords are worth targeting. Learn more about our website rankings and competition reports.

Backlink Research
Finding websites that will link to your website is not easy! Let us provide you with a list of websites, based on the keyword you are targeting, that you can try to build links on. Our list gives you information about each potential link opportunity and lets you easily get links to your site. Learn more about our backlink research.