Website Ranking & Competition Report

Service Name: Full Site SEO Assessment
Service Cost: $75.00
Billing Cycle: One Time
SEO Impact: Very High
Link Building Level: High
Monthly Article Rewrites:
Free Google Analytics Set-Up: Yes
SEO Impact: Very High

Additional Features:

Here is a breakdown of the various reports I can run and how they will help you achieve your SEO goals. These reports area designed to help you identify how you rank in search engine results, identifying your competitors and what they are doing to beat you and identifying who is linking to you.

Website Search Engine Rankings

You can provide me with 10 keywords you want to target or have been targeting and I’ll run a report to see how you currently rank on the search engines. If you are unsure about what keywords you should be targeting, I can provide you with that information as well. This will let you know where you rank currently and what keywords to target first.

Rank – Your placement for each keyword. (can track over time)
Previous Rank – We can keep track of your rankings over time.
Top Page – We’ll show you which page on your site is ranked highest for the keywords you select.


Site Backlinks

We run a report on all the back links coming into your site. The purpose of the report is to determine what links you have coming to your site now and what you need to focus on going forward. A lot of people build links using “click here”, or their company name as the link text. We can show you if you’ve been making the same mistake and just how


  • Total number of back links – This will help you determine where your site marketing is and allow you to track it over time.
  • Back link page rank – The page rank of all the links coming into your site. This helps determine the quality of links coming to your site.
  • Back link anchor text – The anchor text for all the links coming into your site. Knowing what text is pointing to your site will help you plan your text links going forward.
  • Know follow / Do Follow – What links are know follow or do follow. Having a lot of do follow is best, but you need no follow to make your link building look natural.

Keyword Competition

This is the powerhouse report! It shows your store’s competition, what they are doing in terms of search engine optimization and how you can beat them. This report will analyze all your targeted keywords and tell you


  • Keyword Difficulty – This show you an estimate on how difficult it would be to rank #1 on each individual keyword.
  • Average PageRank – This show the average and median PageRank of all the top 10 websites for each keyword.
  • Average Backlinks Per Page & Site – How many backlinks do the top results have? This will help determine how many links you may need.
  • We also provide the total number of results for the keyword term and the InAnchor and InTitle information

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