Directory Links & Listings

Store Directory ListingsGetting listed on directories and listing websites is one of the easier forms of web advertising. They usually are not terribly expensive and in some cases, offer more information about your website and business than just a link.

Major Directories

The major directories are DMOZ and the Yahoo Directory. Getting listed on these two is not easy or cheap. Yahoo charges $299 and DMOZ is not the most responsive. If you have the budget than it’s good to get listed on the Yahoo Directory. Just don’t expect a huge amount of traffic, but look at it as a great link for getting PageRank for SEO results.

Minor Directories

There are a number of directories that are not as big as DMOZ or Yahoo Directory, but are still great to get listed on. They are usually less expensive and easier to get on. The added links will help with your ranking and supply you with some traffic.

One thing to make sure you do is check the page that your listing will appear on in Google to make sure it is listed. A lot of times not all the pages on smaller directories are listed. You can check this by entering; info:URL in the search engine. If it shows up then it is listed and a great link opportunity.

Vertical Directories

While vertical directories don’t have the clout and PageRank that the large and minor directories have, they are still one of the better types of directories as you can usually find some that are in your niche. This is beneficial because the link they supply is from a website with a similar topic as yours, and the search engines like to see links like this.

A great example of a vertical directory is our health food store directory We’ve designed the site to be optimized with content that is related to the natural products industry, and your listing will include a ton of information about your store.

The other major advantage to a vertical directory is the fact that the traffic coming from the site is more targeted and will results in a higher conversion rate and new customers.

Not only do we provide a great directory for your store to get listed on, but we can also research additional directory links that you can list your site on.


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