An Example of Local Traffic Increase

Back in March 2009 I worked with a store that wanted to increase their website and in-store traffic. The following are some of the results we had after I employed a few search engine optimization techniques.

Here is an overview of their website traffic before they started working with me.

  • Unique Visitors Per Day – 15
  • Listed on Google Local – No
  • Listed on Local Search Service (, – No

Basically, this store was not showing up on the search engines AT ALL when someone typed, “health food store, and his city and state” (they would type his city and state). This was costing him a lot of potential customers.

In less than 2 weeks I had his website ranked #1 on Google when typing in the above search. The store is also showing up on the local search services as well.

Here are some results (based on past two weeks traffic)

  • 37 visitors from (not previously listed)
  • 31 visitors from search engines with “Health Food Store, City, ST” as search.

That’s 68 potential customers in just two weeks that have searched for his store locally and found it!!

With the average lifetime value of a customer in the Naural Products industry being $8000, he would need just one of those people to come in his store to pay off the cost of Web Genius for many years to come!

If you would like a demo on the Web Genius program, feel free to give me a call to set one up at 864-990-2993. Or you can email me via my contact us page.

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